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Xeriscaping, pronounced “zero-scaping”, is a hybrid of the Greek word xero, which means “dry,” and the word “landscaping.” The word itself literally means dry-landscaping. Xeriscaping employs certain landscaping design techniques that help to conserve water, but still allows you to utilize a majority of the plants you want. Our highly-knowledgeable team can help implement these landscaping measures that will cut down on water bills and help protect the environment by conserving the water normally spent watering your plants. Xeriscaping is widely used in regions that are susceptible to drought or where water restrictions are employed. With watering regulations readily in place, Xeriscaping offers great landscaping solutions for areas like Dallas. For example, plants whose natural requirements are appropriate to the local climate are emphasized, and care is taken to avoid losing water to evaporation and run-off. This is great for drier regions!

Some of the advantages of Xeriscaping include:

  • Lower consumption of imported and/or ground water
  • More water available for other uses
  • Less maintenance needed (no lawn to cut)
  • Xeriscape plants in appropriate planting design take full advantage of rainfall retention
  • When water restrictions are implemented (as they often are in the Central Texas Area), Xeriscape plants tend to survive and thrive
  • Can be more visually appealing than regular lawns.
Our Xeriscape landscaping is one of the many services we offer that is tailored specifically to our clients’ interests. Most plants used in Xeriscaping use very little water, like cacti, which enables them to be both visually pleasing and environmentally friendly. If you think that Xeriscaping your yard would benefit not only your outdoor space but also your wallet!

Drought Resistant Landscapes

A drought resistant landscape is vital as watering restrictions in Texas become more stringent. Xeriscaping is so versatile that it can also be employed in your gardens, merely by switching from high water consumption plants to low water consumption plants. We have many years of landscape design and landscape architecture experience in the Central Texas area, which means we are more than qualified to redesign your backyard to fit any Xeriscaping ideas that you might have, and we can design Xeriscaping plans for you if you aren’t sure what you’d like! As your go-to, full-service landscaping professionals in the area, we can create landscapes that are beautiful and water resistant to drought-like summer conditions in Texas. Most importantly, we can help you save money on your water bills while still conserving the environment. Our company provides xeriscaping services to residential and commercial clients in and around Central Texas area, Give us a call today for an onsite FREE Estimate.


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